Actilite Dressing 10cm x 10cm - Pack of 10 Single Dressings (Ref: CR3849)

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Actilite is a light viscose net dressing coated with antibacterial Manuka honey & Manuka oil. The dressing is designed to protect the wound, promote healing and allow the passage of exudate. The antibacterial effect of Actilite has been enhanced by combining high grade antibacterial Manuka oil with Manuka honey. The combination of Manuka honey and Manuka oil has been demonstrated in-vitro to be effective against a number of major wound infecting organisms including MRSA, VRE and Providentia stuartii.

Actilite® is a single use product. If used on more than one patient, cross-contamination or infection may result. Opening the dressing pack compromises the sterile barrier. Any unused dressings should be discarded.

Actilite contains a combination of Manuka honey and Manuka oil. Best suited for granulating or epithelialising wounds, Actilite offers antibacterial protection whilst promoting the ideal moist wound healing environment.

Suitable for all wound types where a primary layer is indicated and an antibacterial effect may be advantageous including: Cuts, abrasions, burns, surgical wounds, leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers and infected wounds.

Although the honey is not absorbed into the blood stream, we advise monitoring the levels of patients with diabetes. Do not use if allergic to bee venom. Discomfort can be experienced when honey is applied, depending on sensitivity of the wound it may be necessary to consider an appropriate level of analgesic. The initial discomfort usually subsides, however if it does continue, discontinue use and irrigate the wound with saline solution.

Each dressing is individually wrapped and sterile.

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