BD Plastipak Luer Lok Syringe 10ml - Box of 100 (Ref: 305959)

BD Plastipak Luer Lok Syringe 10ml - Box of 100 (Ref: 305959)

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BD Plastipak syringe is a precision drug delivery device* that is an essential part of your daily patient care toolkit, which you can use across a range of critical applications and departments.

It is intended for general purpose injection and aspiration of fluids from vials, ampoules and parts of the body below the surface of the skin.

3-Piece Design with Latex-Free Stopper

Latex-free stopper prevents leakage of medication around the plunger and acts as an indicator for measuring the syringe contents.


  • Clear barrel for visualization of syringe content
  • Bold scale printing to aid in setting for a more accurate dosage of medication
  • Special silicone lubrication ensures that plunger moves smoothly and evenly
  • Retaining ring to prevent accidental plunger rod withdrawal
  • Leak-tight
  • Validated for use on most infusion pumps** including BD Alaris™ Infusion Pumps
  • Natural rubber latex is not part of the material formulation
  • Sterile (also available as non-sterile), single-use

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