Eclypse Boot Dressing - 55cm x 47cm - Pack of 5

Eclypse Boot Dressing - 55cm x 47cm - Pack of 5

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Eclypse Boot is a super absorbent dressing, anatomically designed to be applied securely to the lower limb area to manage wound exudate.

The dressing has a rapid wicking face combined with the highly absorbent moisture locking system. The absorbent layer provides a large capacity with rapid fluid uptake uptake forming a gel on contact with exudate. The backing is a water resistant barrier film to prevent strike-through with a high moisture vapour transfer rate prolonging wear ability.

Moderate to heavily exuding wounds: Leg ulcers, superficial wounds, pressure ulcers, arterial ulcers, leaky legs, diabetic ulcers and Lymphoedema.

Do not use on arterial bleeds or heavily bleeding wounds. Do not cut the absorbent pockets on the Eclypse Boot dressing.

Each dressing is individually wrapped and sterile.