Terumo Agani Hypodermic Needle Blue 23G x 32mm - Box of 100 (Ref: 2332R1)

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Agani™ hypodermic needles provide you and your patients with the best possible levels of care and comfort.

  • Sharp lancet point – easy puncture
  • Silicone coating – smooth needle movement
  • Thin-walled needles – increased flow rate
  • Short bevel options – reduced risk of vascular perforation
  • Large portfolio – suitable for a wide range of applications

Agani™ hypodermic needles have a sharp lancet tip and an outside layer of silicone lubricant.

The sharp point:

  • Facilitates the penetration of the skin
  • Helps to minimize the trauma

The silicone coating:

  • Provides good gliding properties
  • Allows a smooth insertion

The steeper point angle of the short bevel2 shortens the length of the needle bevel, thereby reducing the risk of vascular perforation.​

The outside diameter of the needle can be recognized by the ISO colour-coded hub.

  • Easy identification of the required size
  • Easy recognition of flashback through the semi-transparent hub

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